Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF creates stellar medical students of integrity through fellowship, service, mentoring, and formal training in leadership, science, and ethics.

What does it mean to be in phi delta epsilon?

Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF emphasizes one thing more than anything else:
Our members. Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF helps members excel in each area pertinent to their medical school application while fostering camaraderie. 

We seek to create the most cohesive and fulfilling premedical experience for our members so that they may find great academic and personal growth in their undergraduate experience.

As a member of Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF you will: 

  • Gain practical real world experience and contribute to the central Florida community through service.
  • Develop important leadership and communication skills.
  • Learn through mentorship and help fellow students succeed.
  • Engage in the dialogue of medicine and understand what awaits you in your medical education and future career.
  • Expand your cultural competencies and learn new perspectives.
  • Develop lifelong friendships and improve in all areas of your medical school application.

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