Member Spotlight


Member Spotlight

Our members are such a huge part of our fraternity, so please enjoy this weekly updated page dedicated to a few of these incredible people! 


Sara Carranco & Teresa Perez

Knight-Thon Co-Captains 2017

For our first ever member spotlight, we found it necessary to highlight two of our chapter's favorite philanthropy advocates. These two ladies, Sara Carranco on the left and Teresa Perez on the right, are the Phi Delta Epsilon FL Beta Knight-Thon Co-Captains for the 2017 year. Knight-Thon, if you don't know, is a 20 hour Dance Marathon held on the University of Central Florida's campus, raising funds for the incredible Children's Miracle Network. Teresa and Sara have been, for the past eight months, motivating our chapter to reach our initial goal of $13,000. Due to their inspiring love for CMN, and the kids, our chapter has surpassed our initial goal and raised almost double that, and have now set a brand new goal of $30,000. They would say that it is all because of our members, but their constant drive to do good for this organization and F-T-K, has only made it easier for all of our members to raise the money that they have. 

Outside of Phi Delta Epsilon, and their work with Knight-Thon, these two wonderful ladies are also striving in the academic world. Sara is a senior at UCF and will be attending the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine this upcoming fall, and Teresa is a junior at UCF working towards medical school to become a Neonatologist. 

Teresa and Sara both agree that Phi Delta Epsilon has given them a support system and endless resources to only help further their education and reach their goals.

We are so proud of the work they have done to raise chapter awareness for our International Philanthropy and the strides that they are taking in their education!