Medical School Tours


Medical School Tours

Medical school tours

UF College of Medicine Tour Fall 2016

PhiDE at UCF strongly believes in exposing students to what is ahead of them in their medical education and medical careers. We set up a number of medical school tours that are open to all members throughout the semester. We have also held joint medical school tours with other chapters in the past.

UCF College of Medicine Tour Fall 2016

UF College of Medicine Tour Fall 2015

USF College of Medicine Tour Spring 2016

Leadership Conferences

Leadership Conferences

Leadership Conferences

2016 International Leadership Conference in Orlando, FL

The PhiDE International Conventions and Regional Leadership Conferencessupport student leaders in executing their medically related goals through educational programming and networking learning experiences that are both passive and active.

Speakers and Lectures

Speakers and Lectures

Speakers and lectures

Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF has the honor to host important speakers at chapter who share valuable insight into the medical field.


Dr. Gavin Putzer, M.D., Ph.D.

'on medical education and beyond'

Dr. Aaron Jaffe, M.D.

'A Glimpse into medical ethics'

Dr. Brittany Badal, M.D.

Workshops and Scholarships

Workshops and Scholarships



Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF hosts a variety of skills workshops throughout each semester.

CPR Workshop with American Red Cross

CPR Workshop with American Red Cross

Past and planned workshops include: CPR, AMCAS, Medical School Application, Resume Development, and Suture workshops.

Kaplan scholarships

Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF partners with Kaplan Test Prep Inc., to offer a full MCAT test prep course to one qualifying student each year.

Members are also able to apply to an additional full Kaplan Test prep scholarship through Phi Delta Epsilon international.

International Scholarships

Each year, members are able to apply for a number of exclusive scholarships rewarding member achivement through the international office.

Study Abroad



Phi Delta Epsilon at UCF recognizes the value of undergraduate research and strongly encourages its members to actively participate in research at the undergraduate level. Ask our members about how to obtain research and the advantages of conducting it. Many of our members do research through the Honors in the Major program.

Click to learn about a few of our member's example research from the Spring 2016 SURE (Show case of undergraduate research) poster presentation: